Refund Policy

After placing a successful candidate with a family and it does not work out for any reason, whether the nanny is not happy with the family and/or the family is not happy with the nanny. You may need to find them a replacement or refund part of the agency fee you have received. Below shows you an example of what you may want to include or something similar in the terms and conditions. We will send you an example terms and conditions you may wish to use if not please make sure you have included something that explains what your replacement and refund policy is.

Should the Candidate in a permanent Engagement leave, or be asked to leave by the Client, within 8 weeks of the date of commencement of the Engagement (for reasons unconnected to a change in job description, unreasonable working conditions, change in working location not previously agreed, or failure by the Client to comply with current employment legislation), either a replacement Candidate will be provided free of charge. Only one free replacement is allowed and the job specification must remain the same. Or up to 2 weeks 50% refunded, up to 4 weeks 30% refunded, up to 6 weeks 20% refunded, up to 8 weeks 10% refunded.